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Have you ever been cruising Instagram or Pinterest and found yourself comparing your life to the beautiful people online? Don't lie, you know you do this. It is really easy to forget that what we see online is only part of someone's story, and a real, complicated person exists behind the camera. I'm interested in exploring the reality of life outside of the algorithm, both to remind us that everyone out there is human, but also, to remind us that we aren't alone.

Nov 26, 2018

I had the pleasure today to sit down with Margarita Ying of Once More With Love! We talk all about her shop, her trademark munchkins, and the importance of self care, especially when you work for yourself. I hope you enjoy this one!



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Nov 19, 2018

Today’s episode is a special one to me - a few weeks ago I gave a sermon on how love and grief are two sides of the same coin to my congregation at Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists. A disclaimer: this isn’t a “religious” sermon, it doesn’t talk about spirituality or religion at all. It is a very personal...

Nov 12, 2018

Today I’m chatting with Lameka Alston of Capitol Chic Designs about the evolution of her shop, representation in the planner community, sex, all sorts of things!



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WEBSITE: www.Capitolchicdesigns.Com

Nov 5, 2018

I am in the middle of decluttering the volcano of art and planner supplies that is my office, and I’ve been having all sorts of thoughts throughout the process. I figured some of you could identify with me (or at least be amused by my wackiness) so today, I am sharing them. And no, I have no plans to be a...